Image of Samson Mwita outside
Hey! I'm Samson Mwita
I have a passion for growth marketing and branding. What fascinates me is consumer behaviour and business methods of communication and analytics, all of which are essential components that play a role in making growth marketing successful and effective. 

I have a diverse background in marketing and like to utilise my skills in product design, graphic design, and customer service. I have built and led marketing teams and worked across multiple sectors in B2B, B2C and D2C, helping companies generate revenue.

When I am not working, I enjoy participating in creative activities, listening to music, visiting museums and photographing natural settings. All of which help to spark my creativity and energise me.

Why choose me?
I believe that the goal of product design is to solve problems. I also think the main objective of digital & print design is to raise awareness. I plan and research each project carefully to produce well-informed designs. I maintain communication with clients to ensure the deliverables meet their goals and objectives. I am confident working within brand guidelines. I remain committed to each project I take on to complete the deliverables with a high level of professionalism and provide an estimate for turnaround.
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